Is PRP Hair Restoration A Thing of The Past?

Hair loss affects both Men and Women alike.

Hair loss can be referenced to as Alopecia, Pattern Baldness or simply thinning hair.

What we have found is that most people do not want to lose their hair and experience a wide range of emotions around it.

As a society, we spend 10’s of billions of dollars every year on hair restoration and hair regrowth treatments and products.

Buying everything from:

  • Hair Transplants
  • Hair Grafting
  • Hair Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Hair Supplements
  • Hair Injections
  • Hair Laser Helmets
  • Hair Thickening Serums
  • Hair Regrowth Botanicals
  • Hair Scalp Concealers
  • Scalp Conditioners
  • Scalp Pigmentation Cover Ups
  • Scalp Massages
  • Wigs and more.

One of the latest trends going around has been PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Hair Injection Treatments.

This is where your blood is drawn into special tubes, spun down and separated. Your “Golden Plasma” and Platelets are then drawn and injected into the scalp (or wherever the PRP is going to be used) where your own growth factors can signal your stem cells to the area for healing and regeneration.

Currently PRP is being used by thousands of practitioners all over the world to treat hair loss.

Does PRP for Hair Loss Restoration Work?

The short answer is yes, it does work.


What’s interesting to note is that we have found in practice the Hair Regrowth Results using PRP will vary from person to person, treatment to treatment.

On top of that, for the average hair loss client it requires multiple prp treatments for 1 – 2 years to get any noticeable results.

There are many factors at play when doing PRP Treatments.

After all, you are relying on the health and vitality of your blood, plasma and total platelet count at the time of blood draw.

We now know that these factors are directly correlated to your diet and level of health going into the treatment and can be affected by the meals and habits you choose leading up to the procedure.

The good news is, we now have strategies to address these common pitfalls when choosing PRP Treatments.

At Rejuvenate 528 Regenerative Aesthetics Medical Spa in Sarasota, Florida we have stopped doing PRP for Hair.

Let us repeat that one more time…

We no longer do PRP Hair Treatments.


Short answer is, we believe we have found something significantly Better than PRP for Hair Loss.

What could be Better than PRP for Hair Rejuvenation?

We have been excited to see the discoveries being made in the arena of Regenerative Medicine.

Specifically with what has been being uncovered about Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Growth Factors & Cytokines and with Exosomes.

Exosomes seem to be changing the game when it comes to Hair Rejuvenation and Regeneration.

In fact, everyone in our field of practice that has tried these Exosomes for Hair Loss has pretty much stopped doing everything they were doing before and switched solely to bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell Exosomes.

Exosomes are Micro Vesicles (MV) secreted by stem cells that are full of 1000+ different Growth Factors & Cytokines specifically programmed to signal and communicate with other Stem Cells (like your dormant stem cells in the scalp).

The Exosomes we use are a Safe, Sterile product that works. They are manufactured according to CGMP – Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

They are a Pure Exosome Allograft from Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells with over 10+Billion Exosomes per cc.

It’s important to note that this is currently the cleanest type of cellular therapy available today as there is No DNA, No actual Stem Cells or Cell Fragments being used (that is all filtered out).

And because of these breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine Therapies and Technologies we feel PRP Injections for Hair Restoration are going to quickly become a thing of the past.

Best of all, Exosomes Regenerative Nature Is Not Limited To The Scalp…

The Team at Rejuvenate 528 Regenerative Aesthetics Medical Spa

1 month after Exosome Injections

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