What is Sexual Wellness?

This topic is being talked about and researched more and more lately as everyone searches for answers to the complex sexual issues that have been presenting themselves.

As adults, both men and women experience unwanted changes in their sexual function, desire and appearance. With age and childbirth women can experience vaginal dryness, stretched labia, painful intercourse or difficulty reaching orgasm. Men also suffer from sexual dysfunction, desire and appearance.

Sexual distress and malfunction can be very difficult on your relationship as well as your mental psyche.

Sexual Rejuvenation is about the restoration of youthfulness, appearance, quality of life, self confidence and sexual vigor.

If you are dealing with distress or malfunction issues or just looking to enhance your overall sexual wellness levels we offer several different treatments that are showing benefit for both men and women.

Female and Male Rejuvenation For Sexual Wellness

Please view the appropriate category, that fits what you are looking for, by selecting from the buttons below. We offer several additional services and products that may be able to assist you in your journey of improved sexual wellness. During your consultation, we can review these, and find the solution that best fits you and your unique situation.

Energy Balancing Treatments For All

We offer several Microcurrent treatments that can help you improve your energy flow known as your Chi or Qi.

Did you know that a closed root chakra can cause sexual disorders such as frigidity, impotence and sterility among other imbalances?

Or that a closed heart chakra can have you stuck on past hurts, holding grudges and create trust or commitment issues?

The heart chakra governs our connections with others and the emotions we have regarding our relationships. Most commonly associated with love, the heart chakra links the upper chakras to the lower chakras, providing a link between the more primal energies and the higher energies governing spirituality and purpose.

At Rejuvenate 528 we offer PNE Balancing™, aka Psycho-Neural-Endocrine Balancing, aka Chakra Balancing.


Align your bodies energies and let your body balance out the energetic inputs and outputs also known as your Chakras. There is a reason this treatment has the term Balancing in it.

PNE Balancing™

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